Richey Etty has a background in mechanical engineering and also does a lot with data management. He has recently started working as a planner at turnarounds. Richey works as a freelancer at various companies on various projects. He followed the Primavera training in June 2020 to learn more about the program.

“I started working with Primavera in May 2020. I followed Advando’s Primavera training in June 2020. At that time, I already had an assignment planned for a Turnaround in the autumn. For that reason, I wanted to prepare myself well and be well informed about Primavera’s possibilities. Since I had not been working with Primavera that long at the time, training about the program was desirable.

The training consists of a 3-day program. An extensive program in which you have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss topics. These three days will give you a good insight into the program’s possibilities: you will gain in-depth fundamental knowledge of Primavera.

You will also learn how to include the program in the work process. You can immediately put into practice what you have learned. If you want to become a Primavera specialist, it will take time and perhaps an in-depth course.

Primavera is a program that supports you during the work process with, for example, a Turnaround. With a Turnaround, several steps must be followed, and a program like Primavera gives you a good insight into which actions you can take and when. With Primavera’s help, you will understand that step 1 does not always have to be step 1 but can also be step 2, for example. It gives flexibility in the work process, and so no one gets in each other’s way. You create some freedom with this, for yourself and the employees. They are less dependent on others.

Primavera training, June 2020

The most important thing I learned from the training is how I apply the program’s basic elements. For example, how you can relate activities to each other, which matters you have to take into account, etc.

You also use the program not only to plan but also to supply data about the various work processes that take place in such a Turnaround. Therefore, I like to use the program to facilitate and provide support in the work process. It goes much further than just providing a schedule.

The training was very helpful; you can ask questions about various topics. Furthermore, the Primavera training helped me to gain a better understanding of the program and to apply the essential things. I now know better how to plan as smartly and efficiently as possible using the program.

Edwin has a lot of knowledge and experience and can answer all questions well, from beginners to more experienced participants. I would especially recommend this training if you are new to Primavera and you want to learn how to work with it. Since I have followed the course, I know better which things to pay attention to. You will be made aware of the pitfalls.

In short, I would definitely recommend the training if you want to get a thorough basic knowledge of Primavera.”

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