Since 1929, Yara Sluiskil has been located on the canal from Ghent to Terneuzen, an important passage on deep waterways. The site in Sluiskil has the largest ammonia and nitrate fertiliser plants in Yara and Europe with three ammonia plants, four CO2 plants, two nitric acid plants, two urea plants (one prilling and one granulation plant) and two nitrate granulation plants.

Yara converts energy, natural minerals and nitrogen into a wide variety of crop nutrition products and industrial applications. The company is the world leader in ammonia, nitrates and speciality fertilisers. (source: https: //

Yara Sluiskil asked Advando in 2017 to advise on Turnaround scheduling processes. Primavera has been implemented as Turnaround scheduling software for the Sluiskil site. This implementation included a tailor-made Primavera training in preparation for the upcoming Turnaround. Also, Advando has taken care of the Turnaround schedule.

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