Advando is the partner in the field of Turnaround Scheduling for one of our clients. This means that we compile and follow up on all occurring Turnarounds, larger and smaller, and the integral schedule during this year. All in all, this concerns five different Turnarounds for the whole of 2020. And in the meantime, we have also started the preparatory schedule activities for several Turnarounds planned for 2021.

Now that we are well over half of this most eventful year, it is good to look back and look ahead.

The first Turnaround of this year was carried out before the Corona period and went therefore relatively smoothly. During this first Turnaround of 2020, we continued on last year’s chosen path by applying the software package TACS developed by Advando for the ‘Project Control’ (Dashboard, Progress monitoring, Critical Path monitoring). TACS will also be used as a Project Control Tool for all upcoming Turnarounds.

Our colleague René Monster was appointed as the scheduler for the second Turnaround. This second Turnaround took place shortly after the Corona crisis had passed its peak. However, due to the many restrictive measures, it still significantly impacted the overall implementation.

This meant that the schedule’s compilation no longer took place from the location but the home environment. The schedule review meeting took place with the help of video conferences. All in all, a completely new experience, but viewed from both perspectives (client and Advando), it was certainly a successful and positive experience.

Regarding the schedule itself, René has applied several other scheduling techniques.

Due to the outbreak, Corona measures were taken into account in the schedule, which meant no Start-to-Start relationships between activities that should best be performed simultaneously in the context of efficiency, but only Finish-to-Start relationships between activities. Activities that required three resources now split the action into three. All this, of course, in keeping with the distance of 1.8 meters used on site.

We had a very accurate idea in advance of the total expected turnaround time due to these measures.

A Turnaround of fewer than two weeks may sound like a small thing, but sales contracts were, of course, signed, so a delay was not an option. A lesser day can mean 1/9th day progress backlog.

TACS has also been applied here to raise the quality of the process of progress processing and forecasting to the highest possible level. Progress processing could be done all day long, and the data from TACS were loaded into Primavera at 6 pm. The data was analysed and loaded back into TACS based on the current status and provided with (new) critical paths.

At 8 am, the TA manager had the S-curve at hand, and it was discussed with the scheduler for the progress meeting at 10 am with the contractors.

TACS has the advantage that it is straightforward to use, and it is also “tempting” to use, which significantly improves the quality of the feedback. Also, the scheduler has the advantage of not having to enter the progress manually anymore.

TACS gives management direct and hourly insight into the status of the activities and critical paths, and daily via the dashboard function where, among other things, S-curves, HSE reports and possible current schedules are displayed.

Because all involved carried out this “Corona Turnaround” as one team, this eventually became a very successful Turnaround. Completed within time and budget, and more importantly: with 0 incidents ++> Zero Delay !!

In the meantime, despite the summer holidays, we are already working on the next 3 Turnarounds planned for next fall. For the next one, TACS will go live in two weeks to monitor and manage the Pre Turnaround activities.

For now, we wish everyone a happy and healthy holiday so that we will all be ready again for the upcoming Turnaround season, which hopefully will be just as successful as the previous one.

With friendly summer greetings,

René Monster

Erwin Traas