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Edwin van Doeselaar

Director, Project Controls Specialist (Turnaround Scheduling Expert) and Trainer / Coach

“The degree to which you are in control is the basis for the success of your project.” This statement is the basis of Edwin’s main mission. Namely, the awareness among Asset Owners of the importance of Project Controls. Regardless of whether this is a Turnaround or an EPC project.

Edwin has been active within Project Controls for many years, and in particular within the Turnaround Projects. He has specialised more and more in the discipline Planning & Scheduling for Turnarounds within the Oil & Gas and Energy sectors.

When margins are increasingly under pressure due to the erratic and unpredictable economic times in which we live, stakes are growing. As a result, the pressure on achieving targets increases more and more, while many installations are starting to become obsolete and require more “attention”. This means that the project’s predictability, and therefore the quality of Planning & Scheduling, is becoming increasingly important. One of his main objectives is to bring the quality and the extra added value of Planning & Scheduling to a “higher level” so that the Asset Owner can perform his (Turnaround) projects even better and more efficiently. He does this on the one hand by applying Best Practices to existing and future projects at his clients, and on the other hand by training future Planning & Scheduling professionals within Advando’s Academy to become fully-fledged (Turnaround) project schedulers and coaching and supporting them during their projects.