Project Control & - Executive


In the field of Project Control, we provide various result-related services. We make clear agreements in advance with the client regarding desired and expected results. The starting point for these services is our mission: ZERO DELAY. We are predominately specialised in Scheduling, Cost Control, Risk Management, Quality and Project Administration for Shutdown, Turnaround and Outage events within the broad branch of Project Control.

Mission Control Room

Our project control teams, consisting of the roles (Lead) scheduler, (Lead) cost controller, Risk manager, QA / QC manager, and Project Executive, are part of the so-called Mission Control room during the execution of the project and/or the Turnaround.

We can draw on a vast network of qualified resources for professional support. Always striving for maximum results, we attach great importance to ‘the right man in the right place’. Our employees are continuously coached and supported by Advando.