TACS Software.

TACS is the first dynamic digital wall newspaper. The visual and dynamic aspects of TACS contribute enormously to our Zero Delay brand promise.

The origin of TACS

TACS originated in 2019 from the fact that Turnarounds are still (or rather: more and more) out of control. Due to the increasing complexity, it is becoming increasingly challenging to manage, monitor and control such projects.

What makes TACS different from all other digital wall posters?

TACS is made by and for practitioners and therefore fits in seamlessly with the practice in the field. Due to the low threshold and the fact that it has been made fit for purpose, this tool's good and efficient use make a very logical whole.

The tool offers every passer-by the possibility to view the status of the scope and even request a complete work package, complete with work analysis, photos and drawings, etc. In addition, every registered user can update the current status and compile the daily schedule.

The dynamics within the implementation of a Turnaround are enormous. Pre-coordinated plans and appointments can change daily or even hourly as a result of the current situation. Therefore, the content of TACS is entirely based on the current status in the field with regard to the current critical paths and Lookahead activities, so there is always focus on the right things, and proactive, rather than reactive adjustments can be made at any time. Because TACS is available 24/7 for updates and the schedule can be updated at any time based on the latest TACS updates, we can generate a reliable forecast and provide insight on any new critical paths at any time of the day.

By making use of the day planning option, operations are also fed with the correct critical paths for preparing the work permits for the next day or shift. This prevents the "wrong" permits from being prepared and the work on the current critical paths being stopped due to the lack of a work permit.

Curious about what TACS can mean for your Turnaround or project?

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